Γυναικεία Ομοιώματα Male Masturbator Massager Jacks Gape

Κωδικός: FL810476017910    Σχεδιαστής: Doc Johnson

47,95€ 38,36€
Jack's Gape Soda is the perfect pick-me-up for hung tops. You know how to work a bottom's hole to make entry as pleasurable as possible... but we've done the work for you and this bottom is ready to play! Featuring a relaxed opening and the Stamina texture from Endurance Jack. Jack's Gape Soda features an exclusive mini Butt orifice with a wider opening for easier penetration. It comes with a mini version of the Stamina texture from the popular Endurance Jack. Jack's Soda features the same patented Superskin material as our regular Fleshjack sleeves and is just as easy to use and clean. With the compact soda can case and fully washable and removable sleeve, it's like a Fleshjack, only tighter ... much tighter! What comes with this product? - Pink Mini-Butt Sex in a Can Sleeve (Mini-Stamina Texture) - Silver Sex in a Can Soda Can Case - Sample Lube Pillow Pack (good for 1 use) Product measurements: - Case dimensions: 19,7 cm x 7,1 cm - Sleeve dimensions: 17,3 cm x 6,6 cm - Texture: overall Length 14 cm (starts 2,5 cm from orifice) - Texture diameter: 0,6 cm to 2,3 cm

Weight 544g
Packing 8x8x21 cm
Phthalate-free Yes
Flexible Yes
Waterproof Yes
Suitable for Men
CE tag Yes
Colour Pink
Packing Retail packaging (plastic)
Material Silicone
Διαθεσιμότητα:      Μεταφορικά (?)
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