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Payment Methods



A) Credit / Debit Card.

B) Deposit to bank account. When ordering, select the method "Deposit to bank account". You should send us an e-mail with the proof of your deposit. When your order is confirmed, we will proceed with shipping.Below you can see our Bank's account details

IBAN: GR4101401620162002002014354

C) Receive your order at Ophelia's Dream shop, 132 Patision str.,1125 Athens

D) Paypal: Paypal is the world's most used and reliable payment platform. If you havent got Paypal account, its easy, safe and free to register, you can pay by credit/debit cards and even bank transfer.

E) Cash on delivery. Available only in Greece. Your order will be delivered at your door and you will pay our co-operator.The standard rate for c.o.d. is 2 euros.

All prices referred to the Ophelia's Dream products include the corresponding VAT and are subject to change without notice.


Transactions are perfectly safe at our online store!

Payments are made through the Bank and all data is encrypted using the SSL protocol, with 128bit encryption, so that the data is fully safeguarded upon import.

When is my order completed?

When you complete the process of ordering and press the "Order" button, the system will immediately inform you that your order has been successfully completed. At the same time you will be given a code, with which you will fill the "Order Status" field, in order to learn about the status of your order.

In case an item isn't available

In case you order an unavailable item, you will be informed (via mail or phone) about the exact delivery time of your order. If you agree with the new delivery time, you should let us know by sending an e-mail or fax, so that your order is fulfilled. In case you don't agree with the new delivery terms, your order will be cancelled.

Cancelling an order

You can easily cancel an order!

Once you complete the ordering process, you will be given an Order Number, which you may use to cancel your order, by contacting us at 213 026 4829 at working hours.

Your order can be cancelled within 3 hours after submission. After this time cancellation isn't possible.

Replacing a defective item

Ophelia's Dream guarantees the quality of its products, so that they arrive to you at the condition they have been delivered by the manufacturers.


Ophelia's Dream isn't responsible for any errors in prices, features or photos and reserves the right to change prices without notice.

Delivery of products is made with the responsibility of the client.

Ophelia's Dream isn't responsible for defective or poor-quality products, since the suppliers deliver the products packed. In case you receive an evidently defective item, you reserve the right to return it and replace it at our own cost.

Force Majeure

If, by reason of force majeure (e.g. bad weather, strikes etc.), it is impossible to deliver the products within the specified time, we will notify you via e-mail, asking you if you wish to complete your order under these circumstances.

Ophelia's Dream reserves the right to modify or renew the terms and conditions of transactions. Ophelia's Dream undertakes the obligation to update the present text for any changes or additions to the terms.